For over 100 years, we have been dedicating the third Sunday of June to celebrating the important male figures in our lives. The holiday was created by a young girl in Washington during the early 1900s who wanted to publicly acknowledge her dad, a war veteran and single father raising six children. With support from United States Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon B. Johnson, the effort to create an annual day of celebration was on the docket. After many years of political debate, President Richard Nixon signed a law in 1972, officially recognizing Father’s Day as a federal holiday.  


With June here and that Sunday quickly approaching, it's time to coordinate a special Father’s Day plan. In years past, spending time together and coming up with a great gift was to be expected but now more than ever, the value of health, family and memories made are at the top of our list of priorities. As the need for extravagant gifts or taking advantage of a special store promotion dwindles, the sense of getting back to basics comes to the forefront. 


As we progress in our tradition of honoring dad we also acknowledge those who may fill the role outside of biological fathers who also deserve to be celebrated on this day. Father’s come to us in all forms, from step-dads, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and in some cases Mom who assumes the role of both parents. When it comes time to recognize the person in your life that has helped guide, nurture and teach you, we figured it would be best spent outdoors.  


In the spirit of celebrating, we came up with a few simple ways to get outside, be active and embark on some fun adventures, keeping in mind the best gift is always quality time.  



A tournament trekking through the woods using 3D targets or sharpening your aim at the range are both great ways to keep busy and be in nature.  



A classic staple to being “World’s Best Dad” comes with the territory of manning the grill. Stock up on the essentials and fire up the grill. This is a great way to display your grill skills or pick up a few new tricks of the trade. While the food is cooking, grab a ball and show off your throwing arm with a game of catch.  



Stay close to home in the neighborhood or explore a more exhilarating spot in the woods. If you’re lucky enough to have mountains nearby we would suggest to consider those as well.  

As a versatile option to be as laid back or adrenaline seeking as you prefer, a bike ride is sure to fill the day with great memories for the future.  



Take a drive to that park you always wanted to visit or set up a tent in the backyard. Either way camping is always a great excuse to lounge, stargaze and roast S’mores over the fire. A true American classic.  



Grab your bait and tackle and head out to your favorite fishing hole. Although this is an activity that doesn't leave much room for conversation, in order to not scare off potential game, it's still a relaxing way to spend the day enjoying each other's company. Big bonus if you have a successful day which lends itself to a hearty dinner later on.  


Game Tournament 

Organize a few games you can play for a little friendly competition. Cornhole, croquet and horseshoes are all simple ways to challenge each other for the top spot of backyard gaming champion.  



The best way to boost your energy level and endorphins while checking out the sights? How about an early morning hike with the fresh crisp air to start the day. Spot a new trail, break in your gear and get the blood flowing with this cardio pumping option.  


Historic Landmark 

Big history buff in the family? Plan a day trip to explore museums, landmarks and military bases. Even looking into your hometown history can lead to a fun uncovering of facts and information you didn’t expect!  


Nature Walk 

Woods, forest, mountains or backyard, nature is all around us. Venture out and find new scenery, wildlife and agriculture. This is a great option for catching up on life, bird watching and effortlessly getting your daily recommended steps in.  



Hit the sandy dunes or blaze a new course in the forest. Whether you're on four or two wheels, there’s never a dull moment going off the beaten path while getting down and dirty.  



Just in case the weather isn’t cooperating with your plans, you can always take the time to research initiatives that are near and dear to your hearts. A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to learn more about ways you might be able to contribute to your favorite National Park or wildlife preservation group. A volunteer opportunity might be on the horizon you can sign up for or if you’re able to, submit a donation that positively influences the cause in both of your names.  



Suburb, city or countryside, there is always a grassy nook nearby to unwind. Pack some snacks, beverages and a blanket to have yourselves a quiet little picnic.  


Tree Planting 

In dedication of those who have passed away, plant a tree in their memory. As it grows, you will reminisce on the great times you shared and always have a shady spot to sit, think and reflect with them in mind.  


Water Sports 

A day on the water is a day well spent. If you don’t own a boat or aren’t in a position to rent one, don't panic. Canoeing, paddleboarding and jet skiing are all equally entertaining options that will lead to a fun day out in the sun.  



Not the most glamorous, but definitely helpful. Also, a great way to spend time and give the gift of manual labor to help with those projects that have gone unattended around the house, all at the same time.